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    Wegal Industrial Complex has Iran’s national standard sign, European Union standard and 9 other international standard signs in the field of mattress and home textiles. The membership of Wegal in the England ukas Global Quality Network and receiving ISO9001 international Standard from England URS Company achieved in 2006 by efforts of Iranian engineers and technicians were a new glad tiding for Iran’s bedding industry.
    By achieving the European Standard Sign, Wegal became the first unit of producing the bedding goods in the country which has this important standard while receiving bedding goods export license to Europe.

    Wegal Asayesh Shirin Company, producer of many types of polyethylene, is one of the sub-companies of Wegal Industrial Complex. After conducting comprehensive studies about the irreparable and negative effects of using polyurethane foam in the products on the consumers by the research and development unit of Wegal Industrial Complex, the company began its activities.

    At the present time, this industrial unit working with professional and experienced experts aiming to offer the healthy, new and affordable products in the field of mattress and bedding and isolation and packaging started to produce polyethylene foam in the forms of roll, sheet, tube, bar and net with high level quality and tailored with consumers ‘needs.