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Wegal Company started its work in cooperation with Turkish specialists in Qom’s Shokouhiyeh Industrial park in 2001. In its initial years all of necessary staples as frames  , embroidered sheets, air capsules and Were being imported from Turkey with Turkish engineers direct supervision ,only assembly process has been done in Iran and significant percentage of products are exporting  to Arabian countries , Persian Gulf’s margin countries and Azerbaijan .But in recent years, with cooperation of government of Islamic republic of Iran and importing producing machines from Turkey and European countries, many changes happened in managerially level.This proceeding made production operation process done by Iranian  managers &engineers more than Turkish ’s And Turkish engineers ‘s role confined on supervising .Due to agreement, technologies should be updated

and new ways of advanced production should be given by that country continuously.In 2008by Iranian engineers & technicians’ efforts Wegal Company joined England Quality Global Network UKAS and received International standard ISO9001 from England company URS, and promised country’s sleep products manufacturing industry shiny tomorrow. Wegal industrial company  became the first product  producer unit  in the country which got the European Standard Badge CE, in mattresses &sleep products background ,meanwhile getting export license to European countries and having this important standard. Overall Wegal Company has 9 international valid standards in mattresses &sleep background .At this time because of Iranian consumers’s unrivaled reception, significant percentage of this unit’s production capacity is offered to Islamic Iran.

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