Classic Medical Mattress

1,073,000 تومان2,145,000 تومان

Mattress’s layer

1-    Weaving fabric

2-    Non-Woven Hollow Virgin   400g

3-    Span band

4-    Polyethylene foam20cm

Physical specification

Guarantee:3 years



Tolerance: until 90kg

Product’s Practical Superiority

1-    Ventilation system for evacuation of polluted air & aspiration the clean air from the atmosphere into the built-in boxes of the mattress to set up the international health standards by using special capsules for air circulation.

2-Equal surface pressure absorption in (local) way for reducing sudden muscles contraction while sleeping ,by special foams.

3-Using chemical free “weaving” fabric.

4-Light, convenient and easy in transportation and displacement .

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