Sleepers Luxury Mattress

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The Advantages of Biorhythmic Sleep Mattress Ticking

  • Supports rejuvenation by improved intra-body communication during sleep
  • Intra-body communication helps improve balance and concentration
  • Reduces the level of stress felt during sleep
  • Helps the body relax
  • Helps you feel better
  • Helps you wake up refreshed
  • Improves body condition and mechanical balance

How Does Biorhythmic Sleep Work?

Biorhythmic Sleep mattress ticking developed by Wegal is attained by aligning certain minerals found in nature known for their energy content in a certain geometric composition. Factors like stress from daily life, hard work, sleep deprivation, tiredness and fatigue result in numerous communication disorders within the body. The goal of Biorhythmic Sleep mattress ticking is to regulate the poor intra-body communication attributed to any one of these causes, during sleep. By helping to relieve stress while you sleep and regulating the body’s natural biorhythm, the brand new Biorhythmic Sleep mattress ticking technology improves helps relaxation and rejuvenation

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