BM Wegal Medical Springy Mattress

2,072,000 تومان4,143,000 تومان

Mattress’s layer

1-Weaving fabric

2- Non-Woven Hollow Virgin   400g

3-Span band

4-one side memory foam

5-Polyethylene foam4 cm

6- Thermo flat


8-Power frame

Physical specification

Guarantee:7 years



Tolerance: ‘til 120kg

Product’s Practical Superiority

1-Has washable fabrics by opening the mattress’s zipper sheets.

2- Power frame technology for the consistency of all round of the mattress to prevent dropping& destruction by sitting on edge of mattress.

3- Equal surface pressure absorption in (local) way for reducing sudden muscles contraction while sleeping, by special foams.

4-Using fibers with (High-Bulk) technology in mattress fabrics production, which causes continuously air rotation in mattress‘s surface.

5-Has electro pad which is capable of adjusting bed surface temperature  for cold seasons of the year & reducing spinal cord and articulates pains.

  • Capable of being changed from Pro Medical flat to flexible state according to necessity or doctor’s advice.

7- Has thermo pad for using during cold seasons.

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